Sexually Transmitted Disease by Jon Gammon
Syphilis can be a devastating disease, and it has made its presence known in the STD world. At least 50,000 cases of syphilis occur every year, and I believe I more go unreported and untreated. Syphilis is a bacterial infection passed on through sex that causes sores and rashes. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems in the long run. Chlamydia is the most common of all the STD’s, and it often produces no symptoms and one usually doesn’t even know they have it, until it is too late. When Chlamydia goes untreated, in males it is nothing more that an irritation, but in Women, it can be devastating. If the disease spreads into the reproduction anatomy, it can cause PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) which can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancies (when the fertilized egg develops in the fallopian tubes) this is very dangerous and if it happens can rupture the tubes and cause serious damage even death.

Crabs is a nasty infestation of Pubic Lice. The thing is, it is really not a STD. The can be transmitted by all sorts of physical contact. Crabs love hair, your scalp, underarms, chest, mustache, and pubic and if you have hair, they will find it. The first symptoms are a horrible itch, and with closer examination will find pimple-like bumps or a red rash. When you closely examine the hair, the sure sign way to notice if you have crabs are the eggs attached to the pubic hair very close to the skin.

Gonorrhea is commonly referred to as the clap, is a bacterial infection passed during sex. Symptoms appear in as little as 3 days, and cause a yellow discharge from the penis, painful urination, and swelling of the penis head. In women can cause PID and sterility, and worse than that, can cause blindness in babies that are born with women infected by the disease. Genital herpes was the sexual plague before the on-threat of the AIDS virus. This is a highly contagious, incurable, sexually transmitted virus that has infected millions of people, and claims more victims each year. Symptoms are a tingling and inching at the site of infection. Soon the infected area has painful ulcerated sores that heal in about 3 weeks. AIDS is the deadly disease of the 20th century. It is the number one killer of people ages 25-44, 80% of all AIDS victims are men, and it has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of lives each year. AIDS attacks the bodies’ immune system, making the body to more likely develop other diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, and even some rare cancers like Karposi’s Sarcoma.
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