Even though the average person in a developed country today lives to the age of 71, the life expectancy in 1900 was only 45. Many, of course, live longer than the average, and while at present the 85th year seems to be a sort of “barrier,” there is reason to hope that one day most of us will survive in good health to 115 (the full potential life span), the New England Journal of Medicine (312:1159) reports.
Research with various animal species all points to the same conclusion — that life is longest when the food supply is limited sufficiently to keep the body weight just below average. Furthermore, all natural and artificial substances that extend animals’ lives, in addition, cause some limitation of weight. Possibly, therefore, it is the ability of exercise and substances such as Gerovital, Levodopa, and Superioxide Dismutase to limit weight rather than anything else that allows them to be effective in delaying aging and prolonging life. The Rumanian makers of Gerovital have advertised that this substance is effective against aging, and, indeed, it has increased the life span of rodents. Studies in humans, however, have not shown a significant anti-aging effect. Neither do we have any convincing evidence that vitamins A, C, or E in large doses have anti-aging effects, nor even that they are safe. Actually, in one study, high vitamin E doses increased mortality. So, while we wait for the answer to aging, we should try to stay lean and avoid consumption of anything dangerous like tobacco, even though it helps to keep us slim.

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